Stock Management

Stock Management Software is a window based secure Stock Management and Billing Application. This product has a complete solution for Inventory Management/Retail & Sale invoicing of a company. The product contains Stock List, Client List, P.O. Generation, Sale Invoice and much more. In the next section, the product has some more forms of Supplier, Clients, Daybook Form, etc. We have Reports like Estimate, Sale Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Challan, Sale Detail, Date & Item wise Sale Detail, Tax Invoice, etc.. SMS have search options with different criteria’s. You can track pending payments, search Invoice, search client, search supplier, search daybook, search tax report clients wise.


Providing a user-friendly and effective solution
Customer-Centric approach
Best operational services

Main Features

    • Complete Item Entry
    • Supplier/Client
    • Purchase Order
    • Easy Process to make Sale/Retail Invoice
    • Auto calculation on Item Quantity and Rate
    • Ledger maintenance for every Customer.
    • An Easy-to-use user interface
    • Auto Calculation on Gross Amount, Discount, Taxable Amount Service Tax and TDS Amount.

Master Form

    • Company Master
    • Client Details
    • Item Category
    • Item Unit
    • Stock Entry

Transaction Form

    • Purchase Invoice
    • Sale Invoice
    • Challan
    • Estimate/quotation
    • Update Cheque & Payment


    • Purchase Invoice
    • Sale Invoice
    • Estimate
    • Challan
    • TDS
    • Service Tax
    • Stock List
    • Monthly Sale Report
    • Cash receipt