Software Development

Gcon Technologies is an IT Company providing customized and tailored software solutions. The company design and develop software to manage school and higher educational institutes, stock and inventory and testing laboratories. We are working on different technologies as required by the client.

Software development is a process of writing code and instructions to achieve the desired results. We required to follow a series of steps to produce a software system. Software development is a long process according to the requirement of the company or industry to whom you are designing your package. Software is so waste that we call the study of software as software engineering. A software development process has different phases for analyzing, design, development, testing and finally, it goes live. 

A variety of frameworks have evolved over the years, each with its own recognized strengths and drawbacks. We can not set a  software development methodology framework for all projects, the reason being the same methodology may be or may not suitable for all projects. Each of the available methodology frameworks is best suited to specific kinds of projects, depends upon the various technical and organizational structures. 

Complete series to IT may create a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), which is continuously working and design the processes for improvement of software they customized. The group is at the center of the collaborative effort of everyone in the organization who is involved with software process improvement. In Today's competitive world Business leaders and entrepreneurs need to choose ERP software which can assist them to maintain a record on computers and facilitate to retrieve as required. This software also supports the organization in making the decision and implement them at a specific time.

Software development is teamwork, we need a different type of specialized personnel for creating and running a software successfully. We need a peaceful environment and skilled personnel to achieve our desired targets. A good team can analyze the requirements nicely and fairly than set the objectives as required. Now to achieve the set objectives we need to product developers who can write the code/instructions. 

We provide application maintenance and support at different levels to meet the exact requirements of the user. We manage applications by using a wide variety of technologies. Our skilled team suggest and use preventive maintenance, monitoring, and guideline for required updates from time to time.


Business Benefits

1. Improve application stability
2. use resources in a fruitful manner
3. up-to-date client and services provider 
4. Increase customer satisfaction and grow business soon

Our team: Gcon Technologies has a team of experienced and certified software designers, developers, consultants. The company has a competitive team working for our customers. We also provide consultancy in developing custom enterprise applications and to establish other IT infrastructure for big organizations.